CNN-IBN – Visit Pahalgam

4 thoughts on “CNN-IBN – Visit Pahalgam”

  1. This year 2009,the river rafting is ended,so there is no more rafting any more at Yennar.
    Next year they might have move from Yennar to some other areas,the locals are not happy,due to some resons.

  2. Ha! J&K Police has caught and destroyed bhang (poppy straw )and guess where, among other places, was it found? Wallurhama-Pahalgam area! I want to go to Pahalgam sure…

  3. I want ask the Bang says,who ever he,she is,he name is Bang.
    Anway about the river rafting should not be in Yennar or in Paalgam from next year,beacause it makes the villages lots other issu,like the mangemeant is not really fucss on the rafting and their staff too and it is big mess,it not really on good run.

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