Pahalgam, Kashmir


Pahalgam, Kashmir

Trout Fishing

The Liddar River is popular among travelers interested in angling. Stretches of this river are suitable for trout fishing. The Lidder River has excellent fishing beats for brown trout. The fishing season stretches from April to September. Permits are issued, for a maximum of three days at a time, on a first-come - first-served basis and are charged on a per day per rod basis. Fishing equipment can be hired in Srinagar. Live baits and spinning are not allowed. For permits contact the Directorate of Fisheries, Tourist Reception Centre, Srinagar.

The Lidder river runs through the Pahalgam, in a rushing grey-green torrent, foam-alecked, breaking in curling waves against the boulders that lie in its path. Its sound is as eternal as the whisper of wind through pine and fir, its force primaeval in its untamed splendour.

Pahalgam spreads along the banks of the Lidder, which is the focal point of interest to the angler. The trout fisherman's delight, the Lidder is divided onto three fishing beats between Mattan and Pahalgam, and the trout are so thick that even the first time fisherman can land a good catch.

Pahalgam is one of Kashmir's popular trout fishing beats. Kashmir is famous for its trout although they tend to be rather small. Additionally, fishing licences are hard to get and rather expensive. A compulsion is to keep am guide and one is also permitted to catch six fishes, which is the daily limit.
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