What is Betaab Valley?

Betaab Valley” is the place where they shot the famous scenes from movie Betaab. Hajan, on the way to Chandanwari from Pahalgam is an idyllic spot for a picnic. Filmgoers will recognize it instantly as it has been the location of several movie scenes.

Betaab was shot over long outdoor schedules. Starting off with over 50 days in Pahalgam, Kashmir which served as Sunny’s ranch, and 30 days in Bangalore where the action scenes were captured. “Dingy’s Tikamgarh farm -house was initially shot in Delhi and then in Bangalore. Only two sets – that of the interior of Roma’s house and one for the Badal yun garajta hai song were put up in Mumbai.

Betaab remains a benchmark as far as young romances go. It makes for a perfect Valentine watch even after 25 years!