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Kashmiri (Neolithic Man) appeared around 2700 BC at Pahalgam (pit-civilization)

Kashmir valley came into existence during the post Geo-synclinal stage of the development of the Himalayas and lies between the two main Himalayan ranges; the Pir Panchal and the Zanskar. It is roughly 135 km long and 40 km wide and was initially an intra-mountain basin covered by ice cover of glacier epochs. Due to endogenic and exogenic forces, Kashmir’s water got drained leading to basins in the shape of Dal, Wular, Manasbal, Nageen and Anchar etc. Archeological evidence shows first Kashmiri (Neolithic Man) appeared around 2700 BC ago at Burzhama (Dal Lake) and at Bomai (Wular Lake) besides at Pahalgam (pit-civilization). Palaeo-climatic study reveals that the level of pollutants was almost negligible as it is seen today. Dal and Wular and all other water bodies witnessed pollution right from 5000 years ago as man’s entire need of living was satisfied by the fresh and clean water from drinking, washing, agriculture to food and fish.