How to register for Amarnath Yatra 2009

As every year, the Jammu and Kashmir Bank has been authorised by the government to register the intending pilgrims. You can click here to register.
Around 110 branches of the bank spread over the country will facilitate the registration of the pilgrims.
Bookings up to 3,00,000 are being done at counters;  and up to 1,20,000 through Internet   – which is a preferred means. The bank is also providing the mobile banking facilities at the base camp that will remain open from June 6 to August 5. ATM facility will be available round the clock.
In Jammu, the bank has set up an extra counter at the Exhibition Ground for registration, which will remain open on week days from 3.p.m in the afternoon till 6.p.m. , and on Saturday from 1.p.m to 4.p.m. in the afternoon.

The registration will close on July 30.

Additionally, the SASB has earmarked a daily allocation of 200 Yatra registrations each to a recognized travel and tour operator, and a daily quota of 50 registrations each in favour of the hotel industry in both Jammu and Kashmir divisions.

Notice regarding Re-Registration of Yatris for Shri Amarnathji Yatra- 2009

Consequent upon the rescheduling of the Yatra 2009, which was to commence on 7th of June instead will now start on 15th June, and culminate on 5th August 2009. The rescheduling of the dates will definitely cause inconvenience to those who have already registered themselves for Darshan for the dates from 7th June to 14th June online or offline. The Yatris can approach the designated branches for certain recourse and help. The Branches in such case will accede to their request and act accordingly: –
For Manual Booking:
The already registered Yatri who will approach the branch for the change of date of the Darshan will be accommodated in other dates to his convenience subject to the availably of the quota in that particular Darshan date without any further charges, however the route of the Yatra will remain unchanged.
The modified date on the already issued Slip will be countersigned and seal affixed.
In case the already registered Yatri intends to change the Route the fresh slip will be issued to the Yatri on further charges.
The facility is to be offered to the Yatris who have the registration of 7th June to 14th June.
For Online Booking:
The already registered Yatri (online) will revisit the site opt for re-registration and punch the Registration No. of the slip he/she is already holding and the caller mail id which has been put in on the actual registration.
Then he/she will select the next available date of his/her convenience subject to the availability of the quota on that particular date, however the route of the Yatra will remain unchanged.
The system will generate the fresh Yatra slip without asking for any further charges.
The facility is restricted to the Yatri who have the registration of 7th June to 14th June in there already registration.

Booking can be scheduled or rescheduled here.

10 thoughts on “How to register for Amarnath Yatra 2009”

  1. is there any way that we can come to know tht our relatives who are on yaatra,
    where are they now?

  2. There really is no way to know where your relatives are, if they have already left for the yatra (of course!). There are STD phone facilities available at Pahalgam, besides the fact that BNSL, Airtel, etc. phones work there. They can call you back.
    Cell phones keep working at Chandanwari, and about 2-3 kms onwards from there as well; but not after that.

    For online registration, go to this url :

  3. Please tell me about the time period for booking and visiting of the Holy shrine.
    What will be the booking amount and other requirements for the Amrnath yatra.

    Thank you
    Janardhan Kotwal

  4. Dear Sir,

    Myself and my family wish to undertake the Amarnath yatra this year (2010). We are south indians. Kindly advise us how to go about, where to register our names, any travel agents to contact, etc.

    Om Namah Shivaya

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